• Guide Book, maps and Grade interpretation

  • Personal movement skills

  • Route finding and assessing risk

  • Choice and Use of equipment

  • Mountain weather and how this may influence your day

  • Navigating to and from the route

  • What to do in an emergency

Our Private Guided Scrambles aim to teach the skills and knowledge of our scrambling courses through tailored, personalised sessions. Private Guided sessions are run on an individual basis and accommodate your specific needs and requirements to provide a more accessible learning experience.

We have a number of days each month set aside for private guiding and we aim to be as flexible as possible to fit you in. Private Guided sessions also available for our other courses. Please contact the Summit Mountain Skills team for an informal chat and more information.


Our private guided scrambling courses offer a tailor-made experience, catered to your exact needs.

Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2

About Summit Mountain Skills

To learn about Summit Mountain Skills, you have to understand that my love for the outdoors started when I was just 7 years old. My father and I walked the Pennine way together and I instantly became hooked.

Over 40 years, my adventures have taken me all over the world with climbing and mountaineering trips across the UK, the Alps and the beautiful Himalayas.

I am a fully qualified Mountaineering Instructor. Such qualifications allow me to work all year, both in the summer (where I work in North Wales and the Peak District) and the winter (where I move to Scotland due to the scenic views). I take pride in transferring the skills I have developed over the years to other individuals, and watching their confidence and skills grow.

My work consists of introductory mountaineering courses right through to training and assessing Mountain Leaders; I also take pride in leading overseas trips. In addition to providing instruction at Glenmore Lodge – Scotland’s National Outdoor Centre – I have delivered Winter Safety lectures for the BMC and worked for Jagged Globe on rock and scrambling courses across the UK. I am also a course director for Mountain Training Wales, leading qualification courses for the organisation in the summer and winter.

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